Car Factory

Mission statement

We are committed to connecting and providing talented people with large companies, creating long-term relationships, and taking care of our service for both parties in detail.



To be the leading company in providing qualified personnel solutions to great companies and job opportunities to TN candidates to give them a better lifestyle, and for both the opportunity to be productive and successful.

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Company Values

  • Trust: We build trust through constructive, candid communication that serves the common good.

  • Integrity: We are a company that follows its values, we take care of people and our clients, with honesty, trust and respect

  • Commitment:  Our company are committed to provide solutions and solve the challenges that we found on the process

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Strategic objectives

In order to fulfill our mission as a company and following the vision we have outlined, we have to establish some short, medium and long-term objectives to ensure that our actions are focused on meeting our goals as a company.

  • Improve our legal and recruitment process to ensure that the candidate obtains the TN visa and matches the profile requested by our client.

  • Work with companies that share our values and goals, taking care of people, giving them opportunities for growth and having a better lifestyle.

  • Create a strong, versatile work team focused on proposing solutions to the needs of our clients

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